Thursday, July 19, 2007

Without the express written consent of Major League Baseball

Whenever I daringly post from a baseball game in progress (such as in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington this year, or Chicago's Wrigley Field) I always jokingly put that I am worried about copyright or describing the game, because I don't have the "express written consent of Major League Baseball". My reporting must be bad or I am a small fry because I never had any trouble.

One of Cory Doctorow's students, Crystal Larsen, had a final project in the class to explore getting press credentials to bloggers so that they could write about MLB games. I guess credentialing is a first step towards easing up on the heavy hand the MLB has and would open up sports writing to a whole new crowd. I don't expect that I would want any credentials for my infrequent visits. But I do have some friends that are crazy about baseball that might be interested.

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