Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pokemon GO Panic in Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount, NC officials want all of the regions Pokemon Go stops and Gyms removed from the app.  Seems a little overkill and killjoy to me.  Don't you want people walking around your town? Did you ask the Pokemon player who you represent?  By their own admission there seems to be no incidents provoking this step

"We have not had any accidents regarding Pokemon Go, but we wanted to take steps to make sure not[sic] accident do take place," said Tameka Kena-Norman, City of Rocky Mount public affairs manager. 

I think overreaction is the next reaction.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokemon GO useful links

I need not explain the allure and power of the new Pokemon GO game to you all, if you aren't already playing, just google the new stories surrounding it.

My family and I are enjoying playing it.  It gets people out and walking to play the game and it is face to face social, since those wanderers you encounter are playing as well and you can help each other play by pointing out the Pokestops and Gyms and telling where you found your pokemon and finding out where they found theirs.

I am compiling some useful links in this post for my reference and yours.

Firstly, are the servers working:

Down Detector for Pokemon Go in the US.

Is Pokemon Go up or not, for the different regions.

More to come here later.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Need a Chemical Engineering degree to get this joke

The author of the SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Club) tweeted the other day that he needed to know "For a joke: Anyone know how much pressure needed to prevent water from boiling at 700 degrees F?".  There was much discussion, I suggested steam tables, I helped others with their suggestions.

The comic finally came out.

You might need this pressure-temperature phase diagram for water to interpret.

How does one think of this stuff?  I mean combining the expression with the science to build a joke.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

"Darth Vader" lightsaber tongs

Come on, Disney.  Your Darth Vader lightsaber tongs, which I did not get, have picture of Kylo Ren on them.

Perhaps Kylo Ren is the face (mask?) of the franchise now.