Thursday, May 21, 2015

Electricty uses by cause from fitting.

I was looking for some data to use a cool graphing website called RAW.  I have been collecting hourly electricty usage from the Delmarva Power website for my house.

I plugged in my model fit for the electricty use at my house into the RAW website.  The categories are listed below:

  • constant - use of electricity throughout the year not assignable to any cause.
  • due to X mas - in 2011 and 2012 ude to the Christmas lights
  • due to cooling degree days - electricity used to air condition (cool) the house
  • due to heating degree days - electricity used to heat the house (more important in 2013 with addition of more floor heating)
  • residual - error in the fit vs. the actual kWh usage. (sometimes negative)

RAW produced this plot.

JulyOctober2012AprilJulyOctober2013AprilJulyOctober2014AprilJulyOctoberconstantdue to heating degree daysresidualdue to cooling degree daysdue to X mas

I think it looks nice.  More kWh are used during the summer for cooling.  Less in the winter for a little bit of Christmas lights and a small amount of cooling until Winter 2013-2014 when the solarium floor was turned on for the first time.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Slo-mo terriers over a jump at Willowdale

Slow motion terriers over the jumps at Willowdale.

Some of these dogs look like they want to fly.  The rest scoot around the jumps because they are lazy.

Modernizing the Mouse - The Story of the Disney Magic Band

Disney's Magic Bands are just the most visible sign of the company trying to reinvigorate its parks and keep up with the modern digital and social age while preserving its traditions (and its brand).

Disney's revenue and success depends on the virtuous cycle of Disney Movie to Disney Ride to Disney merchandise, but if a next generations of riders never appears they may be in trouble.  Fast Company covers the story from ideation to implementation and the hopes that are tied to the success of Magic Bands and the system that uses them.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Slo-mo over a jump during the first race at Point-to-Point

Super slow-mo jumping during the first race at Point-to-Point at Winterthur.

Looks dramatic this way.

Point-to-Point at Winterthur


Outriders. Probably a really fun job if the weather is right. Those are wool coats though!