Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mostly good news on the election front

Did you vote? I hope so. That's what makes it a democracy (or technically a republic, but you get the idea).

The Good News

If the President didn't get the message as he watches the Democrat Party take over the House and the Senate he really isn't listening. One suggestion that he is listening is the ouster of Secretary Rumsfeld. It is funny to hear him all conciliatory today, since yesterday they were on the attack.

Rick Santorum was defeated by Bob Casey. I would have snuck across the border to vote in that one if it was legal. My big problem with Santorum: The National Weather Services Duties Act of 2005, which would have made me pay for the weather data I was already paying for with my taxes just so Santorum's Accuweather buddies could have exclusive access to the data. Bye Bye Rick.

Political ads will go away for awhile. As entertaining as they got toward the end, they do seem to saturate the airwaves. I expected 93.7 WSTW in Wilmington to have dead air time today as the station manager scrambled to find advertising to fill the 12 hours of political commercials a day that have stopped since the election.

The Bad News

Beau Biden defeats Ferris Wharton in the Attorney General race in Delaware. I think Biden traded on his name to get this one, and was probably helped by the general buoyancy of the Democrats this year. For all of the complaining about that the Biden ads did about Ferris Wharton's attack ads, I heard ten Biden ads for every Wharton ad. I am guessing a lot of money was spent on that race.

Nobody but the same old people on the ballot in Wilmington. I left the council seats and legislature seats blank when I voted because there was only one candidate (Democrat, what else) and I wasn't going to vote for the same people that have let Wilmington sink into crime and financial trouble.

On the whole a good election, let's see what happens next.

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