Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gunshots way too close to my house in Wilmington

I was rudely awakened by gunshots at 1:34am, early this Saturday morning. At least that is what I thought they were, never having heard gunshots before. This was confirmed by the arrival of many police cars and an ambulance to take someone away from the house whose back faces mine across the alleyway. A glance at the police report in the News Journal shows that the incident hasn't appeared yet (at 9am).

An ambulance took away the alleged victim. Here are two police cars disgorging officers to look for shell casings

This looks more interesting on CSI. They were using rubber gloves to mark the location of the shell casings as they found them.

And I think they cleanup their rubber gloves after they use them to mark the locations. These were on the ground in the morning.

This morning in the light I took picture of the door with its new decoration of bullet holes. I hope they replace this before I have to sell my house.

It sounded like three gunshots last night, but a careful examination shows five. Did you know that the foam core doors have foam in them? On "This Old House" they usually provide a cutaway for explanation. This seems like a more violent way to find that out.

Thank god I am out of here in few weeks. Once the gunshots reach your neighborhood, it is time to abandon the area. This isn't the first time the police have visited the area. I certainly have no complaints about the Wilmington Police department, they have always responded quickly, politely and efficiently. It is too bad that the tougher neighborhoods in the city still seem to be sliding downhill. Perhaps I could express my displeasure with the management of the city by voting for someone else when I exercise my franchise on Tuesday? Oh, wait it is the same people on the ballot all the time, choice in a Democratic machine controlled city is an illusion. (I'm still going to vote.)

The official score:
Urban 1, Urban gentrification 0

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Mark said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving the City, but I can't fault you after reading your post. Maybe one day Wilmington will once again become that shining city on a hill it was when my father's family moved there. Until then, I think I will stay below the canal. What can I say, I'm a wimp.