Monday, November 13, 2006

Top 10 things not to do the day of your wedding

Or ten things not to do the weekend of the wedding, from the groom's point of view.

10. Risk an allergic reaction and a swollen faced mother of the groom by having the rehearsal dinner at a great seafood restaurant, when she is allergic to crab.

9. Dare your friend, the deacon who is presiding at the wedding, by saying you are sure there is nothing embarrassing that he could put in the sermon for your wedding.

8. Chase your bride out of the new house when she is trying to get ready so that you can give your family a tour, just because you are not allowed to see her before the wedding.

7. Have the whole wedding party tempt fate and a broken ankle by playing on the rocks in the creek behind your new house the morning of the wedding.

6. Mechanically smile for every one of the two thousand pictures that will capture the memory of this day - forever.

5. Arrive at check-in after the other unrelated wedding party that is also happening that weekend so that it takes you an hour to get to your room, well behind schedule.

4. Play near open windows or busy streets, speed and get caught by the police, or accidentally get on a plane to California or any number of the activities that would stop you from making it to the wedding - if you lived in a sitcom.

3. Attempt to play Rummy 500 in the final minutes til V-hour (vow hour) when all you have left is the concentration and composure of a blindsided crooked politician on 60 Minutes.

2. Run with scissors.


And the number one you shouldn't do during your wedding weekend...

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