Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Frogs of Escanaba and Lake Michigan

While on vacation in Escanaba on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I saw and took more pictures of frogs than I have ever taken near my house on the creek in Delaware. Here is a sampling of at least two species that I saw and stood still long enough for photography before leaping away.

These frogs were in the marsh between Lake Michigan and the cabin. They were two or three inches long. I think this is a Northern Leopard Frog. (link for Northern Leopard Frog at Michigan DNR)

These tree frogs were hidden until pointed out living on leaves and trees right in the backyard of the cabin. They were about the size of a quarter. I think these are Gray Tree Frogs, (link for Grey Tree Frog at Michigan DNR) but they seem too small, perhaps they are immature. Are they any Michigan frog experts that can confirm this?

Tree frog sitting calmly

This one was interesting as it walked up the leaf, mostly because I was too close with the camera antagonizing it.

If you look closely at this (unfortunately blurry) video you can see the frogs throat moving. I couldn't hear anything, perhaps the noise was too high or too soft, or non-existent.

I spotted this frog at the tip of the peninsula at Peninsula Point Lighthouse. It also appears to be a Northern Leopard Frog.


Howard said...

Those are some great pics.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Escanaba and we chased those frogs around by the shore all the time as kids. We called them green leapers.

Richard said...

They definitely leaped to try to get away from me taking their picture.