Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learn to park FRETS license in Delaware

This two space, abandonment parking job by big SUV driving FRETS license plate owner implies that he or she is an inconsiderate jerk.

This parking job was at Independence Mall on 202 in Wilmington earlier this evening. You would think that the owners of the businesses wouldn't want one car taking up all of the prime spaces.


Matt said...

Can someone explain to me why it would be illegal for me to slash his or her tires? ::sigh::

Richard said...

Vandalism is illegal and is more permanent than just taking up to many spaces. Plus you would then force the truck to be there even longer because they would need to get it towed out of there. Towing would be a good solution, but I saw no security to point the SUV out to.

Thus I can only impotently out the person on this forum.