Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Help to get backyard chicken raising restrictions lifted in New Castle County Delaware

Currently in New Castle County, Delaware you can only raise chickens in your backyard if you have more than 1 acre of property. Mr. William Tansey has introduced Ordinance 09-974 (.pdf link) to ease restrictions on raising chickens in backyards of New Castle County. His reasonable change allows residents to raise up to 4 hens (no roosters) on property with at least 0.5 acres.

The council is set to vote on this ordinance change on Tuesday, Sept 8th, but many are already coming out against. We must change their minds. Please help me and your New Castle County neighbors by contacting your New Castle County Council member (click on their picture for contact info) by phone or e-mail today to tell them that you would like them to support this change.

I have included the e-mail that I am sending to every council member and their legislative aids below. I myself live in the 2nd district. Please feel free to use or modify my letter as needed.

Dear Councilmember (insert member name here),

Mr. William Tansey has introduced Ordinance 09-974 to ease restrictions on raising chickens in backyards of New Castle County. His reasonable change allows residents to raise up to 4 hens (no roosters) on property with at least 0.5 acres. I stand in full support of this reasonable rule regarding raising chickens in a suburban environment and I hope that you will support this change by voting for it at the next council meeting on September 8th.

In a state on the Delmarva peninsula, historically known for raising poultry, it is unfortunate that residents of New Castle County currently have such a restrictive ordinance preventing them from participating in the chicken raising tradition and allowing them to grow some of their own food. New Castle County also has the chance to join other forward looking communities by your support of an easing of this restriction.

I urge you to support ordinance 09-074 to allow the raising of up to 4 hens on property with more than 0.5 acres. I will look forward to your response on this matter.

Richard Koehler
New Castle County Constituent

Comment if you send an e-mail or make a phone call. I would really like to get this passed, for the reasons stated in the letter above.

Let Delawareans have their Blue Hens!

List of council members, e-mail, office phone, legislative aids, e-mail and phone (all 302 area code below).

Council District Name E-mail Office Phone
Council President Paul G. Clark 395-8340
CP Legislative Aid Lynne Phifer 395-8360
1st District Joseph Reda 395-8341
1st Legislative Aid Christine Roberts 395-8361
2nd District Robert S. Weiner 395-8342
2nd Legislative Aid Louis Hinkle 395-8362
3rd District William Tansey 395-8363
3rd Legislative Aid Nellie Manlove 395-8363
4th District Penrose Hollins 395-8344
4th Legislative Aid Nique Traylor 395-8364
5th District Lisa Diller 395-8345
5th Legislative Aid Renee Bensley 395-8365
6th District William Powers 395-8346
6th Legislative Aid Ruby Dillmore 395-8366
7th District George Smiley 395-8347
7th Legislative Aid Tara Finnigan 395-8367
8th District John Cartier 395-8348
8th Legislative Aid Christina Bloemendaal 395-8368
9th District Timothy Sheldon 395-8349
9th Legislative Aid Stephanie Rizzo
10th District Jea P. Street 395-8350
10th Legislative Aid Charneece Jackson 395-8370
11th District David Tackett 395-8351
11th Legislative Aid Susanne Hussey 395-8371
12th District Bill Bell 395-8352
12th Legislative Aid Joseph A. Cochran 395-8372


Richard said...

I have received a response from Councilmember Tansey's office that the ordinance change vote will be postponed to Sept 22. We still need to keep the pressure on.

Other council members have responded that they do not want to vote for the ordinance change because they see it as a piecemeal change to the ordinance's. They said that in the public meeting that I did not know about, David Culver, General Manager of the Land Use Department spoke against piecemeal code amendment which would address only chickens. David instead suggested that his department would comprehensively study the entire issue of farm animals in residential communities.

I hope this isn't one of those changes that gets stopped through analysis paralysis instead of action. I guess lawmakers don;t like easing restrictions.

Morgan Brellahan said...

Rambleton acres morgan brellahan

Morgan Brellahan said...

Im in 4h i thought you could have 6 hens and one rooster

Morgan Brellahan said...

What year was thi published

Richard said...

Morgan, This was something from 2009. The ordinances back then (I haven;t checked lately) for New Castle County Delaware were that you needed an acre of land to keep farm animals, including chickens. We were trying to get that amount down to 1/2 acre. The issue arose because someone had chickens on less than an acre and was being forced to remove them. We failed to get the ordnance changed. It might be different now.