Friday, June 19, 2009

New iPod Touch - woo hoo!

My Father's Day gift this year was an iPod Touch for myself. Conveniently my iPod Nano click wheel had failed so I felt it was time for an upgrade. Apple gave me 10% off of the new iPod for recycling my old one, which was worth it since I won that one in a raffle a few yeays ago anyway.

The iPod Touch is still very new to me, but the first thing I did was try to load MLB at Bat 2009, and I got a notice that it needed the 3.0 software. How gutsy is it that I paid all of this money for the iPod and then to get the particular funtionality I needed I had to pay another $9.99 to upgrade to 3.0? Once I loaded MLB at Bat 2009 after the upggrade I was able to watch live streaming of the Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis, how cool is that. The picture had nice resolution and the built in speaker was adequate, but it was even better with headphones. MLB at Bat 2009 also has all the scores, play-by-play, pitch-by-pitch, and audio both home and away for every game, but it was the video that drew me in. However it does cleverly figure out where you are so that it can obey blackout restrictions (cleverly is intended sarcastically, still can't watch what I want, when I want, where I want, on what I want). There will be two games a day.

I am sure that I have much more fun to go with this new IPod Touch. Streaming video was my favorite so far, but I also like that I can put all of those pictures of Linus on there to show people, since who prints out pictures anymore, its all digital now.

What are you favorite apps? Suggestions?

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Matt said...

I have an iPhone; really the only difference is the "phone" part, everything else is straight iPod Touch. Here are some fave apps:

TwitterFon, for all your twitterin' needs

Baseball, statistics on players and teams going back to the 1880s

Midomi; if you hear a song, want to know what it is, fire up Midomi and hold your iPod to the speaker. It'll tell you what it is. Brilliant. (Mostly just for pop, rock and country.)

Slacker Radio - free internet radio, several dozen stations; it's like XM, but free.

Public Radio - connects you to any one of dozens of public radio stations (I use it to occasionally listen to WHYY at work, since I can't get any FM in the building.)

Free WiFi Locator - There are many of these kind of apps. It may not work well in the iPod touch; for the Phone it's great, since I can connect to their remote database via 3G. You'll have to already be in a wireless network to find another one, which seems kinda pointless.

Paypal, Amazon, and Ebay apps- self explanatory.

Lose It - Best dieting app available, IMHO. Includes a vast database of foods, and you can always add more.

Facebook - Kind of a must have, although the program itself is buggy and greatly crippled.

Wordpress - I converted from blogger to Wordpress pretty much so I could update my blog from my phone.

The Weather Channel - The built-in weather app is kinda weak; this one has far more features.