Saturday, November 12, 2005

All hail the conquering trivia heroes

Tonight an intrepid team of trivialists successfully negotiated a series of ten rounds of ten questions and guessed closest to their final score to break a tie to emerge victorious at the St. Ann's Trivia Night challenge.

This is the third time that the team, "8 smart people and Paul", has entered the contest and only the second time we have participated. Each time the team has entered Paul has recruied more people to finally get to the required eight.

Tonight we pulled ahead to first in round eight of ten. This isn't a simple contest, the questions range over all knowledge but are grouped in ten different catagories from round to round. We kept our lead and won! Yay! The trophy is Rodin's "The Thinker" in the picture above.

By the way I did not win the 50/50 raffle, I only won second prize - a 2GB iPod Nano! How cool is that. I would have to say I'm having a pretty good weekend.

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