Friday, August 29, 2008

I picked it - Biden-Obama!

I was away this week when Obama picked Biden for his vice presidential running mate so I couldn't gloat about my prediction, but I will gloat now.

Way back in January of 2007 when everyone was taking those presidential candidate quizzes and there were many more Democratic and Republican candidates I took the 2008 Presidential candidate quiz. My results - Biden/Obama! At the time I just thought the quiz read my IP address and picked the Delaware guy and the popular guy. Now I know that I was extraordinarily prescient and that the quiz just rotated the order.

I also occasionally rag on Biden and his son, but I can think of worse picks for the VP. Biden is also a no-show at Blue rocks games. If nothing else Biden will be exciting to watch since he is such a straight talker, the Republicans even have a Biden gaffe clock. Since Biden is from Delaware I guess this state is sewn up for the election and we still won't have any presidential campaigning. Maybe we will see them on their way to Pennsylvania.

Perhaps now with my early guess of the Obama/Biden ticket I should become a political pundit. I certainly have opinions that I can share with you whether you want to hear them or not. Maybe instead I should just get back to pictures of my backyard and the science fiction I just read.

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