Sunday, April 06, 2008

Delaware's elected officials take in the American pasttime

Friday was opening day and a birthday party for a friend (Happy Birthday!) at the Delaware Blue Rocks and many of Delaware's elected figures were there. The team was honoring the late team president Matt Minker which I think was the extra reason that all of the officials were there as they read from various proclamations honoring Minker.

The first pitch was greatly delayed by these dedications. First to speak was Governor Minner, with a proclamation.

Then Senator Carper in a blue Blue Rocks baseball cap. That's the Minker family next to him. They made them stand out for almost the entire presentation after they were given the proclamation by Minner.

The first ball was supposed to be thrown out by Congressman Castle, who also spoke.

There was no Senator Biden to be found, and the mayor of Wilmington sent his chief of staff. Here is the governor, the mayor's chief of staff, the congressman and the senator waiting for the game to start.

I thought Mike Castle was to throw out the first pitch but Tom Carper threw one, and that stupid Rocky Bluewinkle (MySpace) jumped in front when I took the picture.

Then Carper waited around while Castle threw his "first" pitch. Mike castle was in a suit because he said he was also supposed to be at an event at the riverfront center near the stadium. I thought he was a good sport for doing both things.

I didn't get to see my favorite character Mr. Celery (MySpace, mascot page) because the Blue Rocks failed to score, in fact we left after 9 innings because neither team had scored. Wilmington lost to the Myrtle beach Pelicans 2-0 in 13 innings, according to the box score, but 2-1 according to the recap (which I think is a typo). However, there was some excitement during the popcorn, hot dog and peanut race.

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