Saturday, February 03, 2007

Biden puts his foot in it

Everyone has now heard of Joe Biden's comments about Barak Obama, here is Wonkette's take on it.

What is much funnier are the comments on Wonkette and other outlets about Delaware. Here's a good one:

"Biden's racist in that well-meaning-but-still-inadvertently-racist-grandma kind of way; that 1950s "well, for a black man, he's done pretty well" patronizing kind of attitude.

Then again, he is from Delaware, where everyone, black or white, is perpetually filthy, dissheveled, and addicted to meth."

I am not sure if Delaware needs the kind of spotlight that our Senator is causing to be shined on us. We are more comfortable with lawyer murderers and teenagers abandoning babies in dumpsters. I think Wilmington has a high crime rate for a small city too.

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