Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SmartCar spotted in Wilmington Delaware

In the words of one observer - "it's so cute".

This little guy was parked at the Branmar Plaza in north Wilmington. This is the first time I have seen one in person.

Would you buy one of these to tool around town in? I know it is cliche, but I would worry about getting into an accident with a bigger car, and they are all bigger. I know the point is to avoid an accident in the first place but just in case...

On the other hand sometimes this little car might be all you need for a short trip.


Matt said...

Meh. I'd hate to stuff a family of four into one, and I'd hate to try to pick up some lumber.

At the other extreme, I drove a big truck (F150) for several years, but decided that the convenience of being able to haul stuff whenever I wanted (which I did no more than once a month on average) didn't make it worth the gas consumption.

I find it's best to drive a medium-sized car; decent gas mileage, but you aren't screwed if you need to haul a couple 8 foot 2x4s.

whirdly said...

I was also considering its' lumber hauling abilities. Maybe it comes with a roof rack?