Monday, April 21, 2008

Great Blue Heron on Shellpot Creek

I was able to get two very bad pictures of the Blue Heron that frequents the Shellpot Creek right in back of my house.

This bird or birds has found a good cache of very large minnows that it likes to eat. The difficulty I have had in getting pictures is that any noise or movement frightens it away and it flies on up or down the creek. Even slow movement inside the house scares the thing away, so when I stumble and bump along to grab my camera to take a picture it is gone. Today I was able to quietly get the camera and take these through the screen and the sliding glass doors. But the zoom in my shaky hands unaided by a tripod means they are blurry.

I think they are clear enough to positively identify the bird and claim it as documented by a photo. Someday I will get a better one.

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