Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Unconstitutional Crazy Blue Hen News Roundu

Please read constitution before ratification

Lately Delawareans have been up in arms about our school taxes going up because of tax referendums. Often the schools make sure that their 18 year old students get out and vote for the referendum and that has some property owners crying foul. Rep. Deborah Hudson introduced a bill that would limit property tax votes to only property owners in the district. Those of you yearning for a simpler time when only property owners had the right to vote will have to continue yearning because her proposal is unconstitutional. I know that we were the first state to ratify the Constitution but apparently we didn't read it first.

Ooo that smell.

A farmer in Delaware noticed a bad smell on his property which led him to discover tons of illegally dumped clam waste. The truckers who did the dumping were finally convicted, but the dumping happened at the height of last summer. Can you imagine the smell? The real losers in this situation are the pigs that didn't get to feast on the clam waste and now have to make do with some other type of slop.

Month's best headline:

"County, City knee-deep in sewage negotiations" - from the Brandywine Community news.

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