Friday, August 10, 2007

A Red-tailed hawk in Delaware

It was like an episode of Wild Kingdom at lunchtime today as I watched a red-tailed hawk chase a squirrel up and down a tree. The squirrel did its best to remain on the opposite side of the tree trunk from the hawk because it was that or become lunch. The hawk was about 18 inches tall. It was hard to estimate. It was about twice as big as the robins that were also flying around trying to avoid the fight.

How do I know it was a red-tailed hawk? It had a red-tail. I only had the Treo camera with me and the hawk did not oblige me by flying or posing real close to the window since it had lunch on its little bird brain. You can still tell the tail was red. This encounter was close to the Brandywine River in the wildlife sanctuary that is northern Delaware.

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