Monday, August 06, 2007

A ton of balloons over the Delaware River

On Saturday we had the good fortune of once again crossing the I78 bridge from New Jersey into Delaware in the middle of a hot air balloon festival. It seems we are travelling that way at the right time each year. The balloons looked bigger and we more impressive in person. This is only about half of them.

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Anonymous said...

Considering that balloons are lighter than air, I have a difficult time trying to figure out how many you need to make a "ton of balloons". It's actually harder than that since they are meant to hover and not just keep rising. The average weight of all these balloons should be zero. When I plug that into balloonCalculator.exe, it crashes. Perhaps you were thinking of a metric ton, for which the count of balloons was probably around 5.

"On a clear night, you can see tons of stars in the sky" -- Moronoclease, the great hypocrite.