Friday, August 10, 2007

Will Sousaphone Hero inspire a new generation of Tubists?

The Onion reports that the new Xbox 360 game Sousaphone hero sales have lagged far behind the previous popularity of Guitar Hero. As a tuba player myself I had high hopes that this game would turn a whole new generation of tuba players onto how cool Sousaphones are. I am ready to go out an update to an Xbox 360 just to get this game.

For the uninitiated, sousaphones are merely tubas that have been wrapped around in a circle for easy holding. The computer game comes with a wireless controller for more convenience when marching.

Some features of the game are highlighted in the article.

Sousaphone Hero offers two dozen public-domain marches, including 1893's "The Liberty Bell," 1896's "Stars and Stripes Forever," and 1897's "Entry of the Gladiators." The bulky sousaphone-shaped controller coils around the body, and players wear white spat-like foot coverings fitted with sensors that monitor synchronized marching steps...

...Players may also choose from 27 different fat-guy characters who can be customized with Alpine hats, epaulets, and a mustache editor with a wide array of options.

There are some fun game modes as well.
"In the career mode, you can rise from playing in park gazebos for church picnics to performing in the halftime show of the Harvard-Yale game," Hendleman said. "If you score enough points, you can unlock the ultimate level: playing in the John Philip Sousa–led Marine Band at Grover Cleveland's inauguration."
How could that excitement not draw kids into the exciting world of the Sousaphone? Sousaphone players go on to have very rewarding careers and lives.


Beautiful Women


It may be too early to redo this cartoon (apologies to carlh) which reflects the coolness of Sousaphone Hero vs. a real sousaphone.


The Virtual Ranger said...

Last night I got out my tuba on a whim (blew a lot of dust out of it), and downloaded the music to 'Spanish Flea'. It sounded truly awful, but my, how we laughed. There's something very entertaining and comforting about a tuba. Sousaphones seem, somehow, a little more impersonal.

Richard Koehler said...

The energy of this post did not actually cause me to get out the tuba and play it, but I am glad it inspired you to do so.

Or are you just pulling our legs. Do you really own a tuba?