Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dancing saves lives

As part of our blissful existence, my new wife and I like ballroom dancing. Not the stuffy weird kind that you see in those competitions on TV, and especially not the Joey Lawrence type on Dancing with the Stars.

It turns out that not only are those dancing lessons and dances fun, but they might extend our lives. (Just look what they did for Vince).

NPR's Morning Addition reports that cardiologists are beginning to realize just how healthful ball room dancing may be
. Italian researchers found that just 21 minutes of dancing, three times a week, can match the cardiovascular benefits from working out on a treadmill or bicycle.

Let's examine this. Don't you think that doing any exercise three times a week will probably confer the same benefits. Most people's problem is the lack of exercise, not the particular type. And of course the story has the de rigeur atypical experience of someone who dropped their two blood pressure medications because they started dancing, just like in those weight loss commercials. Still, dancing is tons of fun.

Perhaps you could purchase a Dance Dance Revolution if finding a partner is too much trouble. But most importantly - dance, dance, dance!

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