Saturday, October 08, 2005

40 Years of Vince Patterson Dance Instruction at the DuPont Country Club

Vince Patterson (2nd from right) and his dance lessons are a Wilmington tradition and have been an institution at the DuPont Country Club for 40 years. That boggles the mind. By his own estimate he has taught 8000 couples over the years. Last night we attended a dance (what else) is honor of this anniversary and achievement.

All of us students have enjoyed learning from him because he is not like studio dance instructors. He teaches you how to dance and enjoy yourself, not perform like you are in some dance competition. He admits that his philosophy is to teach us the most steps in the shortest time for the least amount of money. This is the antithesis of the studio dance style of stringing people out for as long as possible and milking then for as much money as possible, promising even the clumsiest oaf that they can be in dance competitions when all most of us want to do is dance to have fun.

I am so glad to have had the chance to learn to dance from Vince, I just hope I remember all the steps!

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