Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Viva la Dance Dance Revolution

For Christmas I asked for and got Dance Dance Revolution for the Xbox. I wanted it because I thought it would be fun and might be some good exercise during the long winter months. I was looking for a video game that even I could play since I have long since determine that I am at about the level of a modern 5 year old in video gaming skills.

I am not alone in thinking that there could be a fun fitness aspect to the game. writes about a bunch of kids who have even lost weight while playing the game. Early this year, the interest in the game had crossed the Atlantic. (or it may be that some reporter woke up, looked around and saw an already established trend).

I am happy to hop on the band wagon and I expect to have loads of fun with my friends on Saturday when I am having (at their request, which is funny in and of itself) a Dance Dance Revolution birthday party so that everyone can try it out.

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