Sunday, July 16, 2006

Superman's Metropolis is in Delaware!

During Superman Returns, a map of the east coast almost shows the location of Metropolis and it certainly places it on the east coast. I had always thought of Metropolis as Chicago because it seemed to need to be near Smallville Kansas, and New York City is taken (as Gotham).

Imagine my surprise when Metropolis is placed in Delaware. From Wikipedia: "However, a map onscreen portrays it as possibly near or taking the place of Dover, Delaware." I am looking for the a wider area picture of the map from the movie. Wikipedia also mentions a role playing game placing Metropolis in Delaware as well. The DC atlas (excerpt shown left) has it around Lewes, but my vote is for Wilmington.

Being so close to Metropolis, I need to start looking up for a bird, a plane, no, for Superman!

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Mike said...

By That map, metropolis is just north of Lewes. Or Milton.

Dear God! Is Metropolis actually Isaac's Glen!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I live in Wilmington! Thats so cool. It looks like it's halfway between Lewes and Milford.

Anonymous said...

If it were in Dover, that would be perfect -- after all, Dover is in Kent County!!!

Dracaveli said...

It has to do with the cultural influence during the creation of superman, at that time DuPont of Delaware were a pretty powerful corporate family clique.

Zander Koutoufaris said...

If metropolis was where dover is than I would live in metropolis. Also Gotham isn't new York. Its in new jersey. DC doesn't take the real cities like new York out of the universe either. They are still there, dc just adds their own cities into the united states. They don't replace the real ones. Theyve used new York and Chicago in comics before.