Monday, July 17, 2006

Evidence Detection Unit on the job - live in Wilmington

Why was there an abandoned looking green van parked out in front of my house on Sunday? Why was there a policeman dusting it for fingerprints? A Wilmington police car and the Evidence Detection Unit truck were bracketing a car in front of my house on Sunday afternoon. They peered into the van and dusted it for fingerprints. I was fearing what they would find, with the recent propensity in Delaware for vans showing up with bodies in them.

I combined my crappy Treo camera with binoculars and a steady enough hand to prove that it was in fact the Evidence Detection Unit. After some investigation, another police car arrived with a civilian in it. He consulted with the police and looked around the van before getting in. Apparently, it was his van.

The owner looked very Puff Daddy getting in and out of his van while talking on the cell phone. This picture shows the roof of the van was rusted and the van was in generally poor shape. Not sure why anyone would try to steal this one, maybe it was a joyride.

After the police left, the owner looked confused as he tried to start "his" vehicle and drive away. He did finally accomplish this. I was unable to find any police report in the News Journal related to this, so I have to assume it was simply a recovered lost, or stolen vehicle.

I am glad that we have Wilmington police presence in the neighborhood, even if it appeared that they were investigating a crime at the time. At least it was non-violent.

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