Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fireworks at the Ice Cream Festival

Last night amid the biting bugs and 1000% humidity we watched the fireworks go off from Rockwood park during the Ice Cream Festival. They really provide a nice presentation though I miss the years when they have the orchestra play the 1812 overture with cannons.

Even with my crappy Treo camera I got some good pictures of the fireworks. The trick is to not click too soon or too late. Too soon and it floods the picture with light, too late and you have a picture of nothing but very faint spots. The camera seems to take some time to take the picture, so it makes the timing even trickier. Thank goodness for digital cameras where the memory costs nothing. That way I can take a bunch of pictures and only show you the good ones. Thus only 10 of the 44 pictures were judged "just right", the rest failed by being too bright, too dark or were almost good enough.

Let's look at the statistics.

Some more pictures of the fireworks. Red like the devil and white like the angels.

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