Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Parrot head license plate in Delaware?

Careful readers will remember that my powers of license plate interpretation sometimes leave a little to be desired. I myself blame the personalized license plate creators.

BUPHETT in Delaware had me in mind of Boba phett's (actually Boba Fett) twin brother (get it - clones?) but it turns out that someone must already have BUFFETT and this tardy Jimmy Buffett fan took what they could get (actually, that's Bachman-Turner Overdrive). The Key West Parrot head license plate frame should clue you in.

I have never seen the fascination with Jimmy Buffett. I do see the fascination with Key West, a really nice place with good food. My favorite are the stone crab claws when they are in season (October). They go nicely with a cold beer and baseball playoff season (especially when the Yankees are losing).

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