Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lorem Ipsum isn't Spanish for anything

While searching the aisles of the local hardware chain for a light for my closet, I found that the maker of this package may know English but they don't know Spanish. The translation of Fast Attach Safety System is certainly not Lorem Ipsum. How do I know?

Lorem Ipsum is the start of the famous 500 year old dummy text traditionally used to demonstrate the graphic elements of page layout. The text isn't English or something readable so as not to distract the proofreader from the graphical layout. Some proofreader used it too well, and they forgot to replace it with whatever translated Spanish text belongs there. Lorem Ipsum is from latin and Spanish is a romance language, so maybe the mistake is understandable.

This is a more interesting and subtle mistake than the poorly translated English you sometimes get with products made in the far east. I didn't purchase this particular light so I didn't get to look for more Lorems and Ipsum in the instructions.

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