Monday, July 24, 2006

Judging the Crazy Delaware Blue Hen

Judge not lest ye be judged.

It's Delaware State Fair time, and that means chicken judging! There is subtle discrimination against the Delaware Blue Hen in the judging as all of the chickens must meet the current industry standards. From the article.
"There were no fancy birds here with colorful feathers, wild head dresses or an excess of plumage.

Even a trace of black feathers -- a throwback to a breed that was used in the 1950s -- is enough to make a bird end up as a cull rather than a keeper..."
The competition was less about judging the chickens as it was about judging the judges. Students participate to learn how to judge chickens just like Napoleon Dynamite judging the milk and Pedro judging the cows from the 4H scene in the eponymous movie.
"The task of judging chickens isn't always pretty -- birds spit water, scratch and try to wrestle away, and sometimes nature calls at the most inopportune times.."
How do I get into this competition?

I am also sad that I will miss Larry the Cable Guy and the demolition derby at the Grand Stands.

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