Saturday, March 04, 2006

Trivia heroes win again

Tonight another intrepid band of trivia wizards, some veterans some rookies, bested 17 other teams at the St. Ann's Trivia Night in a display of supreme intellectual pugilism the likes of which Wilmington has rarely seen. Careful readers will recall the jubilant news from last November, the first trivia contest win of this team. Well we did it again - the first team ever to repeat a winning performance. The questions seemed harder, there are ten rounds of ten questions each, but our score was higher than the last time and was the highest of the night. Soon the thinker trophy will return for more adventures.

As part of our intimidation strategy we created a T-shirt for the team. The team name, "Seven Smart People and Paul", served as the inspiration. The back of the T-shirt has seven smart people (and Paul) on it. See if you can think (without clicking on the links) of the claim to fame of the people on the list, remember they are all smart.

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