Thursday, March 02, 2006

What are you giving up for Lent?

With apologies to the Irish. Please read this with an Irish accent for full effect (for example, 'tis like t'e singin of t'e angles t'emselves.)
A Irishman comes into a bar and orders four beers all at once. The bartender is a little shocked and not sure if he is allowed to serve them all, so he tells the guy that he doesn't have to take them all at once. The Irishman, Patty, explains himself, "I'm one of four brothers from County Cork in Ireland. The oldest is Seamus, and he stayed back in the old country to take care of Da and Ma. Sean went down under to Australia to make his fortune, Francis is traveling Europe, and I came to America to live with my cousins. Back at home we always went down to the pub together, so we made a pact that wherever we were, we would lift a pint to the others health, in the hopes of being together again someday." The bartender was touched and of course serves Patty all his drinks.

As time goes by, the bartender gets used to Patty coming in and ordering his four beers all at once, til one day Patty shows up and only orders three beers. The bartender doesn't know what to think so he goes up to Patty and asks what's the matter. He asks, "your oldest brother Seamus hasn't passed away has he?" "No", Patty replies. Out of concern the bartender presses, "was it Francis or Sean?' Patty says, "Me brothers are fine, why are you asking?" The bartender points out that Patty only ordered three pints this time instead of the usual four for himself and his brothers.

Patty answers, "Don't worry, my brothers are doing well, I'm just giving up drinking for Lent."
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Anonymous said...

my sanity!

Bex said...

I chuckled...good one bro! Our Irish sister-in-law would definitely appreciate it.