Friday, December 09, 2005

The Thinker Thinks of Everythink

As part of our free dinner prize for being smart and winning the trivia contest, we each get to hold onto the Thinker trophy for a little while. This is my time. It is just like when you win the Stanley Cup and it passes from player to player through the year, except that nobody has ever heard of the Stanley Cup, while the St. Ann's Trivia Contest is well known. Here the Thinker is at work typing the very post that you are reading. He is quite clever.


Tigre said...

You must never challenge the thinker, he is thinking, so he must know how to destroy you.

whirdly said...

The thinker is pensive and meditative. He is seeking The Way though non-violence. Know that he has the power to destroy you, but wisely chooses the correct path. Be not afraid.