Thursday, January 26, 2006

West Virginia has a Dance Dance Revolution

This is the continuing story of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) sweeping over the world and into my life. Now West Virginia schools are getting DDR because apparently West Virginia has one highest level of obesity in the nation. Yet another example of Dance Dance Revolution being used to fight sloth, just as I reported earlier(Of course, I should be moving my feet in this picture to capture the full benefits of DDR) . Also, you can get more exercise with this big version than with the little one.

But remember it is not just about increasing activity, you can even just have fun with Dance Dance revolution at your birthday party.

I am sure my friend from West Virginia wishes they had DDR when she was in school.

Both BoingBoing and Fark seemed excited about the possibility of video game excercise in school.

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Roxiebilly said...

They aren't kidding when they say 'revolution.' Ren from Footloose would be so proud.