Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The American Idol Effect 2

Since American Idol is on two nights in a row, I can comment on it two days in a row. Earlier I spoke of the American Idol Effect as an inability to judge oneself. I would like to add a new phenomena to the effect.

Did you see the guy with the ventriloquist dummy "audition" on Tuesday's show? Do the contestant for the show get a list of rules? Perhaps there is a sheet of instructions handed out at the auditions describing them. Have any of the contestants ever seen the show? I think that it is a show where people sing and try and get through the auditions to make it to be a singing star. So why did the guy bring a ventriloquist dummy into the audition? Why was that guy dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Why do they rap or dance or do anything but sing? Why do people bring in props?

As I said before, I guess some people just want their 15 minutes of fame, as opposed to actually having some talent and maybe making it to the next round.

The other piece of the American Idol Effect is that people don't follow instructions. Or they don't care about instructions, or they lack an ability to understand the reality around them. Maybe this is just another symptom of narcissism.

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wes said...

that ventriloquist I KNOW HIM... i swear

they asked during an interview if he had any talents other than singing...he said he did some ventriloquist stuff back in the day....the told him his only chance to go anywhere would be to bring the dummy on...

he was embarassed and completely jaded towards the whole reality TV thing. then again, wouldn't be too?