Thursday, November 24, 2005

A test of the order of my mobile posts with found objects

2-- The two prongs of a tuning fork. I got several for almost free at a school closing sale.--2

3-- Three candles in a candelabra. --3

4-- Four stages of corn germination. Also from the same school sale as the tuning forks. This corn is forever frozen in midlife cycle in plexiglass. --4

5-- Five fingers. No turkey outlines were made in the course of this project. --5

1-- I am having trouble figureing out how Verizon (besides the advertisement) sends my mobile posts, so I thought I would test it in an interesting way with six found objects (How artsy) for the six pictures. I expect either the pictures or these posts to be out of order. Number one is my #1 TMBG foam finger.--1

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