Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Disco (deep fried turkey) inferno

It is so close to Thanksgiving and I haven't seen a warning on deep frying the turkey yet. Doesn't anyone have the holiday spirit? I guess deep fried turkey is so last five years. I don't care because that is the tasty way the bird will be cooked where I am going. Here is my brother in appropriate protective gear showing the step by step process of cooking the turkey. I think in this case he injected a gasoline marinade.

Maybe after the holiday we will get to see some burning down the house - splashing the turkey in the oil video. For goodness sake, be careful people!


Christopher said...

Some construction workers in Oregon did this the other day to celebrate Thanksgiving, at a house they'd just spent the better part of the past year building. They chose to fry the bird *inside* the garage. The house ended up burning down. It's something you gotta be careful about doing, but darn if that isn't the juiciest bird anywhere. There's just no other way to treat so dignified a bird as it is to fry it :-)

whirdly said...

Dark meat is the best!