Friday, November 11, 2005

Dr. House's past oeuvre

I have been watching House on Fox. It is an entertaining show in which Dr. House a world famous diagnostician and his crack team try to figure out what obscure disease a patient has each week. They perform a lot of tests, usually painful, and they apply many cures based on what they think the patient has in that particular 5 minute slice of the episodes. Please, if I am ever sick, do not let Dr. House treat me, I beg of you.

Did you know the guy in the picture above, Hugh Laurie, is English, and is the same guy as this picture? Apparently he has been in many British sitcoms over the years. The most surprising one is this picture from Blackadder where he play a buffoonish fop as the Prince Regent who eventually became George IV. The Blackadder series is Rowan Atkinson at his best, none of this Mr. Bean stupidity, just the scathing dry-witted British humour (spelling intentional) that I love. I am struck by the contrast between Hugh Laurie as Dr. House, crotchety crippled brilliant doctor and the foppish Prince Regent from the Blackadder series. I will remember that the next time I watch House.

More on House at TVSquad and Blackadder can be found at the BBC.

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