Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The best garden in the world!

Longwood Gardens, near Philadelphia and near Wilmington, Delaware is one of the world's premiere horticultural gardens.

Saturday they were having a Dahlia show with flower specimens so perfect they should serve as the archetype for Dahlias everywhere. We also toured the water gardens and saw lotus flowers and lily pads the size of the great millstones of Copenhagen.

We were there Saturday to swing dance, as we will try to do for the next few Saturdays, but you can't go there without looking at the beautiful gardens. Dancing to a live swing band before or after stopping to smell the flowers is icing on the cake.

Longwood is yet another Dupont mansion. Pierre bought this farm and added world famous fountains, rare plants and gardening techniques. He even grew, and they still grow, tomatoes, oranges, pineapples and other produce indoors in the winter. The place is so well stocked and has such potential that I have added it to my apocalypse team.

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