Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Beating carnival games that I would never play.

Boing Boing has a short feature on beating carnival games linked from Retrocrush and Law Geek. Retrocrush even has extra comments from folks who have developed their own techniques for beating carnival games, as well as a hundred and one comments on carnie mullets. It is nice to see others as interested in casing the carnivals for winnable games as I am. It's too bad that we are so late in the season, though I doubt I would go out and try these particular games anyway.

The games they go after are the ones I would never play because they are impossible. Games like - popping the half filled balloons with a dart, shooting out the star with a crappy BB gun, tossing a ping-pong ball in the goldfish bowls, knock down the bottles, baseball toss and dime toss. Since I always assume I am being cheated at a carnival I usually avoid these games like the plague.

My proclivities at the carnivals run more toward Roller Bowler and Wack a' Mole. These games are games that can be won, because I have won them. Add in Skee-ball and you have my triumvirate of favorite carnival games.

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