Friday, August 12, 2005

My Apocalypse Team

I play a little game for fun at party's sometimes. If you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland who do you want by your side and what skills do you think are going to be important? It certainly depends on the cause of the apocalypse. Is it nuclear or biological, aliens or zombies, rapture or rupture? I think it is important to plan and have an apocalypse team in mind on the off hand chance that you might need one.

So who do we choose and why? I have my fiance on my apocalypse team. Not for the obvious reason that she would be mad at me if she wasn't, but because she has important talents for after the apocalypse. She knows about plants and knows how to grow things well and cooks great meals, she is good with tools and can build shelters, she can ride a horse and she's pretty tough. I have two other friends at work that I want on my team because they can hunt and fish and know something about dressing and butchering animals.

Why am I on the apocalypse team you ask? Well, I can ride horses, and I can make the ruthless decisions that will need to be made for the sake of survival. I also came up with the idea. I mean, we will need management even in a post-apocalyptic future, right? I'm a people person (or a zombie person if necessary).

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