Thursday, June 16, 2005

This game is wack!

My other favorite game at the summer festivals and carnivals is the ever popular Wack a' Mole. I don't know how they train those moles to pop up and take such a beating but they do bring a lot of enjoyment.

When the carnies can rustle up enough players, the prizes get bigger and it's time for 30 seconds of laser focus. It's not about the moles, it's not about the wacking. The master player sees no competitor but his own churning mind and roiling thoughts. Calm these, let the moles be wacked, as you are merely an instrument, and victory can be yours (if you care about those things).

I won the second time I played, but I really do it for that moment of oneness with the moles in the machine.


whirdly said...

Oneness with moles? I think you really do it for the stuffed animal prizes.

Richard Koehler said...

whirdly has guessed my motivation. The prizes are indeed a great incentive.