Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Partial Solar Eclipse from Sunday Nov 3rd

Got up in time and have actual photographic evidence of the partial solar eclipse for Wilmington, DE on Sunday morning.

It was already in progress at sunrise and I was able to find a spot where I could see it. I stopped by the water treatment plant in Rock Manor golf course, crossed the road and stood up on one of the hills they have to separate the fairway from the road.

The eclipse started obscured by trees and then the clouds a few minutes later, but you can see the shadow of the moon on the sun at the top of the picture. This view is upside down from the view just using your eyes (with protection) because it is reflected on the mirror if the Solarscope.

A couple looking for a good spot to see the eclipse saw me and stopped. I had an extra solar viewer that they could use for eye protection. The eclipse was even easier to see through those. They helped by catching my Solarscope as it repeatedly blew away because of how windy it was and because facing the sun meant that the open part was an effective scoop for the wind. Next time I bring a table and some bungs cords and maybe a rock.

I am declaring this a successful astronomical event viewing with proof.


Arnold Brame said...

Watching solar eclipses through naked eyes is something only a fool will try. I know a person who lost his eyesight because of trying to view solar eclipse naked eyes.

Arnold Brame
Health And Safety Consultant Peterborough

Richard said...

Arnold, I did not watch the solar eclipse with naked eyes and I loaned my extra solar viewers (extremely dark film viewers from an astronomical trip I took) to the couple that stopped by so they could observe the eclipse safely with eye protection. I have repeatedly said to all within earshot during any one of these solar observations do NOT look directly at the sun without adequate eye protection.

Not sure what gave you the impression in my post that I would suggest or allow otherwise. Maybe it was providence that that couple happened upon me with the correct protection.

Everyone has that story about the lost eyesight but I have never met anyone who has. Regardless I always use eye protection.