Monday, September 23, 2013

Finally saw a NASA Wallops launch from Wilmington with my own two eyes!

On Wednesday September 18th, Oribital Sciences and NASA Wallops launched the Antares/Cygnus mission to resupply the International Space Station.  I made another view from Rt141 and Rt48 west of Wilmington Delaware to show where to look but I used the Google earth data from the April launch information since there didn't seem to be a file from that launch. It proved useful.

I was able to see the contrail of the rocket, because I knew where to look.  Here is a picture of just the contrail blowing away, in the center of this photo.  That is Salem nuclear power plant in the lower left and this picture is looking south from west of Wilmington.

I have circled it here.

This makes me want to try harder to see a night launch.  I should have stayed awake for that might launch on Sept 6th.

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