Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow breaking my Dr. Seuss Juniper

I thought that we wouldn't have a repeat of last year's heavy snow which broke many limbs on several holly bushes and a juniper tree, all of which eventually got cut down and went into the fire.

This year the snow is breaking the other juniper.

That limb on the ground used to be attached at the top and point straight up. It seems to have taken out to other limbs on its way down.

A closeup of the damage shows the broken top, another limb missing halfway down, and another hanging on by a piece of bark.

You can see how the snow is bowing the limbs down to the roof.

A view from the front.


The Virtual Ranger said...

So why is it a Dr. Seuss Juniper? It's a great name, but is it just that one unfortunate that is called that; or a whole genre of trees?

Richard said...

I call this one unfortunate a Dr. Seuss Juniper because it has the puff ball look around a stick that is so famous from the cartoons in his book. I have not named a species here.