Thursday, February 11, 2010

Suffering Junipers - this last snow did it!

The most recent snow storm (Feb 10, not the one before that!) was so heavy and sticky that I feared for some of the evergreens and plants in the garden and yard. It looks like we have lost a juniper due to the heavy snow, sleet, and freezing rain (and then snow again).

The juniper, the bottom left limb should be pointing up, and the two right limbs should also be pointing up.

A close up of the right limbs shows the bottom one peeled down the trunk. The upper limb actually broke as I was closely inspecting the bottom one. That removed any hope of me saving the tree.

There is another juniper in the front of the house which is very interesting and tufty. It is also bowed done to the roof with snow.

Here it is yesterday in the afternoon, halfway through wave two of the snowstorm.

It still seems even more bowed down this morning, but not broken. I am hoping the sun melts the ice and frees it gently. I am afraid to tap it to free the limbs at the risk of them breaking.

Here is the front juniper from the other side.

And a closeup looking up. I didn't want to tap it and get buried on snow.

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