Monday, August 23, 2010

Cell Phone Camera Photo Essay: Tunnels From Pittsburgh to Harrisburg

I happened to take a picture of each of the tunnels we traveled through yesterday from the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott where we stayed east to Harrisburg where we got off of the Pennsylvania turnpike to begin the southeastern slog to Delaware. As a bonus we took I376 through Pittsburgh so we got two extra tunnels to make up for the fact that we didn't drive hundreds of miles out of our way to go through the Lehigh tunnel, which is on the Northeastern Extension (I476), and definitely not on the way home to Delaware.

Fort Pitt Tunnel.

Fort Pitt Bridge, and Pittsburgh.

More Fort Pitt Bridge, and Pittsburgh.

Some cool wind turbines near Somerset, PA.

Some cool and huge electrical equipment on a truck.

Approaching Kittatinny Mountain.
Kittatinny Mountain.

Kittatinny Mountain and Blue Mountain are the double tunnels on the turnpike west of Harrisburg. You leave one and immediately enter the next.

After these tunnels we traveled over the Susquehanna river bridge which is not visually interesting, though the river below and the view of Three Mile Island is. However the best photography would come from stopping and taking a picture which would be too dangerous.

If you have a favorite tunnel from this photo essay, please comment.

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