Monday, June 21, 2010

NERD HUMOR is no more

Finally got a picture of the repainted railroad bridge over Rt 141 just south of Rt 52. This view is the view driving south. There used to be a giant NERD HUMOR graffiti on the bridge but it has been painted over by the graffiti brigade.

Bob Weiner, our New Castle County councilmember, got his wish and got it painted over. The article says that the owner of the bridge, East Penn Railroad Co., didn't have the money to repaint the bridge and that the materials and time were donated, that seems fishy to me. They are installing a fence to make it harder for someone to get out onto the bridge and graffiti it.

The owner should use the bridge for advertising. It is in a very visible spot and high traffic location, perhaps an electronic sign would make it easy to change the advertisements. I am just suggesting this to get Bob's goat, he is not to hip on advertising, especially electronic signs, or chickens.

It's clean now, how long will it stay that way?

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