Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Gift - Survival radio with crank for the crank

My darling wife and son got me a survival radio for Father's Day, a Microlink FR160 MultiPurpose Radio from Eton.

It has a flashlight, radio with AM/FM and weather bands, and is rechargeable using its built in solar panel or a by turning a crank. It can even recharge some USB devices like cell phones. I guess they were inspired to get one for me during the recent (June 3rd) blackout in my area.

My twitter posts show some annoyance at not having a single radio in the house with working batteries to just see if anyone else was having the same issue. I did use my cell phone to check on twitter to find that @MattTheHearn in Claymont and @DECurmudgeon who lives nearby were also without power. S@DECurmudgeon said:

So now with my new radio with crank and flashlight I would have been better prepared and possibly even able to charge my cell phone if needed.

I would have also been able to follow the progress of the weather front that was moving through the area.

My new survival radio also has seven weather bands. The weather bands for my area of Delaware are, WNG704, broadcast from Hibernia Park in Chester county or KIH28, from Philadelphia.

WNG704 (map below) broadcasts at 162.425 MHz which is WX 2 on the weather radio band.

KIH28 (map below) broadcasts at 162.475 MHz which is WX 4.

These weather channels are broadcast by towers all over the nation with the frequencies varied so there is overlap everywhere, but not interference. I haven't had the chance to test out the weather radio part yet since the order of the day on Sunday was barbecues and visits with friends.

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