Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Millennial are you? A quiz.

Pew Research Center has put together a quiz with a few carefully selected questions based on their survey research that they feel will allow you to determine how similar to the millennial generation you are. I scored a 51 while a typical millennial would score a 73 and a typical GenXer, of which I am supposedly a part, would score 33. So I am slightly ahead of the curve of my generation.

I suppose that the score moving me further along than my age or generation would suggest is because I have taken active measures to keep up with the new stuff. This blog, my twitter and other similar accounts being one example, and the requirements of my profession being another. I still think that in many cases I am behind the curve in adoption of these new technologies, but then I often encounter others who have never even heard of the thing that I am adopting.

I have often thought of myself as old-fashioned about some things because I am a GenXer whose parents were in the Silent Generation, not baby-boomers, and who was also raised in part by my grandmother, who lived with us my whole life. Yet I know I have to keep up with the new.

My wife and I had a related discussion when she said that our parents hadn't continued to change their tastes in music as the music world had changed but that we were still doing our best to remain current. That is because I actively seek out new artists and songs in music and the latest thing in everything not just technology. I think my generation and succeeding generations need to learn to learn and adapt.

You can take the quiz yourself here.

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