Monday, April 27, 2009

YES network makes itself more useless

Hey, YES network. I am so glad that you worked out your deal with Verizon FIOS TV to be on their network, even though I hate the Yankees. That means I can see other favorite American league teams, like Detroit or the Angels, in HD on my FIOS TV... or does it.

From the article:

First they say:
"The Yankees have one of the largest fan bases of almost any team in sports, even outside the New York area," says Verizon representative Deidre Mulcahy. "YES programming is a great way for Yankee fans -- and baseball fans in general -- to get more behind-the-scenes and in-depth programming on the Yankees."
But then the other shoe drops:

The YES Network, which stands for Yankee Entertainment and Sports, will be the first regional sports network available in all of the Verizon's FiOS markets, and will be offered at no additional charge. Outside of the network's New York and New Jersey base, however, the programming will not include Yankees and Nets games.

Instead, those customers will see substitute YES programming, such as "Batting Practice Today" (featuring news, analysis, match-ups and BP coverage of the Yankees and opponents), "Yankeeography" (a Yankees biographical series) and the "Joe Girardi Show."

(bold mine)

You idiots, nobody wants to see these other crappy shows, they want to see baseball games.
The draw of your network would be for those vaunted fans of the Yankees (not me) all over the country to get to see the games on the YES network. At least I am not paying extra for it. Somebody wants to make a buck and make me sign up for MLB Extra Innings instead.

When will I get to watch what I want, when I want, where I want, without some other charge being tacked onto my experience? The Yankees and their network suck!

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